Monday, May 6, 2013


                             Exploring media spaces and digital cultures

                                                                            by Aparajita De

Imagine the excitement in the 70s when Television first came to India - of the unthinkable possibilities that it could open up and subsequently the irrevocably changes it would bring in our lives. A completely New World, new ways of seeing and be seen in return. Television was most definitely a game changer with a new set of rules. But it all seems passé now having seen so many avatars of the media. Just think of the present generation, who much before they can walk or talk is well conversant with computers, mobile phones or the social media. What disassociates us - the past, present and future generations, are the form and the technology of the media/medium. But more importantly, our connection lies in the manner in which media and its varying avatars have impregnated our lives and our minds.

The blog, Cultural Cartographies of Media endeavors to create an insight, and a narrative/s on media, media practices and its wide ranging influences. On one hand, the blog will be a commentary on various aspects of media and media practices. On the other, the blog tries to highlight media as a distinctive form of seeing and understanding the world around us.

The blog also attempts at giving space and engaging with the multiple voices - both academic and non academic, media practitioners and non-practitioners, artists and non-artists and beyond – that are continually trying to make sense of our everyday worlds and lives through media.  Hence, the blog page is not only an interface between the aforesaid binaries but intends to initiate an experimental space for all – people with different forms of expression and perspectives.      

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Author's Bio-Note:

The author is an Assistant Professor in Department of Geography, Delhi School of Economics, University of Delhi.She is also the Convenor of the Department's Media Lab and Digital Library. She is currently working on Mediaspace, Bollywood and popular culture.


  1. Hi Aparajita,
    Thanks for inviting me to this blog page. Its a nice read and am quite interested in contributing to this blog. Only that I have an environmental focus. Do let me know your thoughts on this.

    Thanks and Best wishes,

    1. Hi Ananya,
      Great to have you on board we plan to come up with a special issue focusing on environmental issues. Please do contribute in fact looking forward to it.


  2. Good to see your media lab materializing. I remember your enthusiasm about a media lab for your department at the time when you had just joined the department in early 2005. That was a time when web blogs, in India was in its infancy. In those days not many people really talked about media as a readable space. There was neither facebook… nor orkut. I remember you talked about the MIT Media lab that they had started in 1985. You read the future well. Good to see your proposal on media lab sail through. I personally think media is not only a space to study but as an anthropologist I see this as a field where you can spend, live, observe and die for data collection in order to comment on human societies. Media has already become a space for interaction for the modern communities…rather future communities. Its interesting to observe how media itself is becoming a space, a space where societies interact, a space which is incubating future societies and culture, an infinite space that deconstructs all physical space beyond imagination.
    Best Wishes,
    Rajib Nandi

  3. This is an exciting and very innovative platform for the people from different sections of society to share their views and comment on the happenings of our everyday lives.